Why AudioPress and not BandZoogle or WIX or any of those others for about 10 bucks a month?

Don’t want an average and boring website? Then you’ve come to the exact right place!

Every AudioPress website is based on WordPress, the most popular and most used web platform in the world.

Compared to other providers, there is no monthly fee. After a one-time payment starting at only $490, you get a custom-designed, professional-looking website, with fast, secure web hosting for as long you’d like.

Not to forget: the option to advertise on your site to raise funds for you or your band, and a special cause of your choice.

Our experience has shown us that some artists have not been satisfied with previous providers, mainly due to limited implementation options and a long-term bond with nothing to show for.  Now they have  a website that looks and functions the way they imagined it.

So let yourself be convinced by AudioPress, too!

The advantages of AudioPress:

  • Pay only once
  • Huge savings on hosting, with a one-time payment
  • No monthly commitment – never worry about being cut-off again
  • Custom, professional design to your specifications
  • 30 day money-back guarantee, after that, cancel anytime.
  • Uses WordPress, the most-loved and most-used Web-App for creating websites
  • 13 years of development
  • The world’s largest community
  • Your own domain, which belongs to you
  • Option to advertise on your site to raise funds for you or your band, and a special cause of your choice
  • Fast loading of your website with newest cloud technology

AudioPress is a partner that is committed to the artist, to share their vision and sound.

We at AudioPress believe that the music artist should do what they do best, and follow their passion.

Our passion is to make you a great website.

Things to ask yourself:

  1. Am I a music artist or a web designer?
  2. Do I have the time, patience, creative ideas?
  3. Do I know exactly what the design should look like?
  4. Do I have the technical know-how?
  5. Do I want someone who brings ideas, experience, inspiration?
  6. Do I want someone who knows exactly what I want and can put this to reality?
  7. Do I want a competent team that supports and guides me in my web needs?

At an unbeatable price, let AudioPress do the work for you!