Spaceman Jr.


This ultimate guide includes a high-quality designed WordPress website with hosting, special one-on-one how-to’s and support to get your name out there and your music heard.

Product Description

Spaceman Junior is the ultimate guide for up and coming artists. It includes all these awesome services:

In-depth one-on-one support and how to’s:

  • Website content management
  • Social media management with timeline and hashtags
  • Shop management
  • Sharing and selling your music & merch via your website & social media
  • Bringing more traffic to your website via social media
  • Making money with your website and YouTube
  • Synchronizing website & social media/cross-platform posting
  • Generating a mailing list of your fans
  • Creating  and scheduling newsletter campaigns
  • Creating video teasers/promos
  • Google search rankings/Identify keywords
  • Creating and scheduling press releases


  • One-time fee only $690
  • 10% commission from all profit*
  • Cancel anytime – no monthly plan!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


* Music Distribution: 12% of the music earnings (downloads, streams) we collect – music is online for an unlimited time – no renewal fees!

Publishing: 20% of the royalties we collect – keep 100% copyright ownership: no additional costs or renewal fees!





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