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  • Sarah Fry
    Sarah Fry Audio

    Bachelor’s in Show Production

    Sarah is an audio engineer and music lover. She does not shy away from productions including lighting and video, albeit, her strong suite is in audio. She has gained experience from working festivals, sporting events, at churches, and at numerous other types of events. She believes that music should be felt, enjoyed, and experienced and that’s what drives her in the music industry.

  • Jessica Northey
    Jessica Northey Content Producer

    Bachelor’s in Entertainment Business and Master’s in New Media Journalism

    Jessica is a creative individual with strong business acumen, which has enabled her to improve day-to-day work and production processes. She has a background working for marketing and advertising agencies for 15+ years as a Multimedia Artist. Jessica is passionate about helping those who are pursing a career related to the arts and entertainment to share their story.


  • Richard Kelsey
    Richard Kelsey Web Design & Social Media

    Master’s in Entertainment Business and Master’s in Internet Marketing

    Richard started playing guitar in the eighth grade, and has been in several bands on both sides of the Atlantic. Influences include Rush, Jethro Tull, Lenny Kravitz, U2 and everything after 2010. His first website was for an indie label in 2005. He has combined his passion for music and a good-looking website that does what it is supposed to do ever since.


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