If you’re local to Orlando, Florida and you love live music, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Chaddy Boom! If not, this band is a force growing more popular each year. I first saw their live performance at a small venue tucked away in Winter Park. One of my friends dragged me there with loads of anticipation. “You just have to see her perform live!” I have to admit, I was blow away by the positive vibes and how much fun the band has on stage. I’ve been following her music ever since then in 2013.

Although Chaddy Boom has a similar look and feel to old school musical acts such as Tina Turner, she has her own style as well. If you’re board of 90’s rock and too cool for mainstream pop, this band is your answer. If I dare, I could call it a new sound yet to be brought to light. Leave it to this band to rock the house! I asked this lead singer, Miss Chaddy B, to share a few things about her and the band. What have they been up to and what’s to come?

“I am Chaddy Boom. Chaddy B to the Boom on my Poppish Rockish flow. Now I am recording currently for my debut album. I am releasing my music video to my upcoming single Kiss (Lips) mid February. I am performing at the Daytona Main Street Live music and Art Festival. My single will be on iTunes soon but everything will be able to be reached through my website.”

“I got into music because I have always loved it. Both my mother and father’s side of the family were into music successfully. It has always been a part of who I am. We would watch music videos together as a family when I was little. I went to Performing Arts High school in Buffalo NY for theatre and I majored in theatre at University of Central Florida. During that time, I was on two dance teams. We got on BET dancing with both teams. When I graduated, I decided I wanted to pursue music before acting. I love so much what I do that I make necessary sacrifices. People used to always ask me if I had a minor in college, something to fall back on. I said no, because the moment you have something to fall back on, you WILL fall back on that, because the fall back is much easier than what I truly want to do. I currently work as a server; I quit a management job, so that I have necessary time to devote to my craft. So now, I give up a little for a whole lot more in the future!”

Chaddy B’s new single and music video for my song “Kiss (Lips)” coming soon. I also am working on my debut album for 2015.

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