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Your custom designed website, built with WordPress, the worldwide most loved system for content management. Fully responsive for tablets and phones. Optimized for discovery and more fans….


Simple, quick uploading of data, no hassle with coding or any other guck. Manage it all yourself: gigs, tours, music albums, merch shop, songs, artist/band members, videos, photos, posts… Perform instant updates from your mobile device, too!


Social media is only half the ticket. Showcase your talent like you mean it. On a place you own. With your fanbase, music, shop, and media, and even with your own ad revenue if so desired. . On your own website.


We actually talk with you, discuss where you’d like the journey to go. We create beautiful, unique websites. Show you how to tell your story. Distribute your music and merch worldwide. And help you to raise funds for yourself and a special cause of your choice.

starting at $99 one-time or $11 a month!


Something for every artist’s needs.


Spaceman Junior


Premium DIY WordPress Design
10 hand-picked Premium Music themes
Lifetime Web Hosting on the fastest server on the planet

Interweb Star


Custom WordPress Website
Unique and high-quality design with lifetime hosting on the fastest server on the planet

Music Galactic


Custom WordPress Website
Unique and high-quality design with lifetime hosting
Worldwide Music Distribution and Publishing

Music Festival and Event Planner


Custom WordPress Website, unique and high-quality design with lifetime hosting, and with optional ticket and merchandise shop. Includes social media promotion and press release distribution.

AudioPress Sponsorship


Apply for the AudioPress Sponsorship for free and get a Custom WordPress Website, unique and high-quality design with lifetime hosting, and ticket and merchandise shop. For artists, events/festivals.


An Immense


  • Despite "social media" a web presence for an up and coming band is essential today. Label structures are only widely available. Thus, every band, every artist is virtually on their own. AudioPress provides an interface between band/music and Internet. AudioPress is a competent and cooperative partner for website design. AudioPress is what we were looking for and needed. And for us definitely worth a recommendation...AudioPress ... Thank you!

    Irocco Alt Rock/Rock
  • AudioPress is a great partner that helps to put music online, and everything you need nowadays, with a website that is very simple to use. I recommend them to literally anyone who's looking to put their music - their blood and sweat - online!

    Staggin' Rutt Rock/Punk Rock/Alternativ Rock
  • Making music is challenging enough, but getting online and putting it out there is like learning a new language.  AudioPress simplified the process.  They did a fantastic job, and allowed me to focus on the music.

    Jim Dunagan Americana, Singer/Songwriter
  • As new singer of the band, I can for my part only say, that it's not always easy and you don't always have time to take care of all the things you need to do as indie band. It's not only important to find a partner that supports the vision of the band, but also who can delivery on time. Most of all, it's important nowadays that the look, feel, and message that you would like to bring across, reflects in the website. AudioPress accomplished this to 110%.

    The Friends Alternative Rock/Pop
The Friends
The FriendsRock/Pop
Alexis Kritsky
Alexis KritskyPop/R&B/Dance
IroccoNew German Indie Rock
Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzieRock/Alternative/Pop
Staggin' Rutt
Staggin' RuttRock/Punk Rock/Alternativ Rock
Plush Studios
Plush StudiosMusic Production

Where it all


Music Production. Songwriting.


Work with one of dozens of our professional audio engineers and songwriters nationwide, close to the comfort of your home or some place new to let creativity spark. Record one track to start off or a complete album project. Solo artists or bands and any genre.

And if you have a talented voice, looking for the right track to match your style, we’ll explore and create with you, that song to get your career off the ground.

Wake up.

kick ass.

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