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True to your style

A unique, original sound, voice, style…even stage show…a high recognition value…that’s what we love. We might help you polish it, but we would never ask you to change it.

True to the moment

We might be together for a long time…but only if you want to. Our initial contract duration is only 12 months, unless of course we’re both having too much fun together. In that case we extend to however long you’d like. There are no hidden clauses in our agreement. In fact, our agreement is only one page long.



  • AudioPress
    The Record Label Plan
    This isincluded
    • Website Design (optimized for all operating systems & devices)
    • Completion in 2 - 4 weeks / Yearly new design
    • Installation on Server & Lifetime Hosting
    • Logo Development
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Embed videos, music, add photo galleries, blog, tour dates, and, and, and....
    • Complete website management if requested
    • Online Shop - Fully managed
    • Google friendly
    • Update content via Mobile App (Android/iOS)
    • Exclusive Online music distribution (Unlimited tracks/albums)
    • Sync Licensing service for TV, Film, Games, YouTube, etc
    • Music Store Widget to embed anywhere your fans are online
    • Social Media Management & Marketing Campaigns
    • Social Booster - Digital Street Team to promote your music!
    • EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
    • Artist Development
    • ASCAP / BMI registration / Song registration with global collection agencies
    • Global publishing royalty collection
    • Social Fundraising & Advertising Program
    • Minimum duration: 12 Months
    Please send us an email with links to your songs, preferably video(s).

An Immense


  • Despite "social media" a web presence for an up and coming band is essential today. Label structures are only widely available. Thus, every band, every artist is virtually on their own. AudioPress provides an interface between band/music and Internet. AudioPress is a competent and cooperative partner for website design. AudioPress is what we were looking for and needed. And for us definitely worth a recommendation...AudioPress ... Thank you!

    Irocco Alt Rock/Rock
  • AudioPress is a great partner that helps to put music online, and everything you need nowadays, with a website that is very simple to use. I recommend them to literally anyone who's looking to put their music - their blood and sweat - online!

    Staggin' Rutt Rock/Punk Rock/Alternativ Rock
  • Making music is challenging enough, but getting online and putting it out there is like learning a new language.  AudioPress simplified the process.  They did a fantastic job, and allowed me to focus on the music.

    Jim Dunagan Americana, Singer/Songwriter
  • As new singer of the band, I can for my part only say, that it's not always easy and you don't always have time to take care of all the things you need to do as indie band. It's not only important to find a partner that supports the vision of the band, but also who can delivery on time. Most of all, it's important nowadays that the look, feel, and message that you would like to bring across, reflects in the website. AudioPress accomplished this to 110%.

    The Friends Alternative Rock/Pop
The Friends
The FriendsRock/Pop
Alexis Kritsky
Alexis KritskyPop/R&B/Dance
IroccoNew German Indie Rock
Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzieRock/Alternative/Pop
Staggin' Rutt
Staggin' RuttRock/Punk Rock/Alternativ Rock
Plush Studios
Plush StudiosMusic Production



Not a traditional record label. Maybe not one at all.


Profit from merchandise (website, social media, as vendor) and music (downloads, streaming, tangible sales), and sales and commission from online advertising is divided evenly by four: the artist, AudioPress, fundraisers of your choice, and shareholders who want to invest in your craft.


Royalties (publishing and mechanical licenses) through ASCAP/BMI and worldwide, plus sync licensing (YouTube/Games/Film/Commercials), are divided 85% Artist and 15% AudioPress, which we in return split with fundraisers of you choice and shareholders who want to invest in your craft (5% each).



This is not unit-sales. This is forward thinking.


From merchandise sales, music sales, and online advertising, 25% (plus 5% from royalties/licensing)  are donated to Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations, which you are able to choose, from local to global causes. This means the more you make, the more you are able to raise funds!


Investors have the chance to invest in a band/artist they believe in and would like to support. Since they automatically become a shareholder, the more they spread the word and want to invest in marketing the artist, the more their shares can grow – and those of the artist, too!

And to top it all off, the share for fundraisers automatically increases simultaneously!


time for music.

Make money with your website. So you can spend more time making music.


AudioPress is totally unique in that it completely redefines the record label. AudioPress creates your own personal music platform, where advertising is your own money-maker.

Simply select the brands you love and fit the music, your fashion and lifestyle, and which your fans will surely love just as much. Then direct them to your site via social media and anywhere you can with all your latest news and music, and watch the change begin.

And contrary to social media, advertising money goes into YOUR pocket.

Wake up.

kick ass.

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